writer / director

Pater Sparrow (born Zoltán Verebes in 1978, in Budapest) graduated from London Film School as a director with a production designer distinction. 

Starting as an amateur filmmaker, Sparrow made his first two short films (Without With 1998, The Something 1999,) which were nominated both year in competition in the biggest film festival in Hungary.

Since being intertested in the boundaries of conventional filmmaking he applied to the very pragmatic London Film School. While studying in London he had made two short films Sense (2001) Limit (2002) and worked in several film projects as a production designer. He graduated as a MA director and production designer with his diploma film called T?ick (2004) and wrote dissertation in the topic of non-narrative film theories. After living and studying in the United Kingdom, he returned to his hometown, Budapest where he started developing on his first feature film based on a Stanislaw Lem essay, with the help of his former mentor Zoltan Kamondi's company Honeymood Films. Meanwhile he was making several experimental films and visual projects like RECYCLEd - Pro - Reo - Neo (2006) which also attracted attention to him.

His first feature film 1 (2009) reached a big success for a debut film in Hungary, and also collected awards abroad.

He is primarily interested in unique experimental style of mystic and surreal elements in shifted space and time with visual allegories and codes. He considers himself a fimmaker who approaches filmmaking as a visual communication in the face of storytelling.

During the years he had experienced working in different fields of professional film and television crews, such as assistant for director Zoltán Kamondi in The Alchemist And The Virgin (1999) assistant production designer for academy award winner Luciana Arigghi in Being Julia (2004) art director for Kevin Phipps production designer (Eyes Wide Shut, Fifth Element, Dune, Slipstream, etc.) in a Cadbury commercial which was directed by Brian Buckley, art director for Benoit Barouh in a Lavazza ad which directed by Jean Pierre Jeunet, or production designer of Pater Strickland's third feature film The Duke Of Burgundy (2014) 

In the recent years he worked mainly as a production designer on hungarian feature films such as 'My Night Your Day' by Dési András & Moray Gábor (ÚjBudapest Studio) 'Well' by Attila Gigor (KMH Films) also co-designing with Judit Varga 'Troopers' by Pál Sándor (FilmStreet) and just finished Budapest Noir by Éva Gárdos (Pioneer Film). 

He is currently developing his second feature film based on Boris Vian's Heartsnatcher, and working freelance in Hungary


    • 2016 - 22nd Chlotrudis Award - best production design for 'The Duke of Burgundy'
    • 2010 - 20th FanCine International Filmfestival Malaga - best director for '1'
    • 2010 - 5th CineFantasy Brazil - best sci-fi feature award for '1'
    • 2010 - 7th Fresh Film Fest Praha - audience award for '1'
    • 2010 - 30th Fantasporto International Filmfestival - best director for '1'
    • 2010 - Hungarian Film Critics Awards - best visual design for '1'
    • 2009 - XVI.Granada International Film Festival - audience award for '1'
    • 2009 - 40th.Hungarian Film Week - best visual design for '1'
    • 2009 - 40th.Hungarian Film Week / student jury - best debut feature for '1'
    • 2009 - 10thGolden Blade Creative Festival - Silver Heart Award for a social advertisement
    • 2006 - 37th.Hungarian Film Week - special mention for Recycled/Pro-Reo-Neo
    • 1998 - 30th.Budapest Independent Film Festival - 3rd.prize for Without With

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